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The publishing house was founded in 1993 in Florence. Four years later, with the transfer of the head office to Milan, the editorial management was entrusted to Luigi Spagnol. Ponte alle Grazie deals mainly with non-fiction, with special interest towards economic and political subjects, and boasts George Soros, Sergio Romano and Viviane Forrester among its authors.
There is great interest among readers for books that narrate extraordinary experiences, with the success of Lo scafandro e la farfalla by Jean-Dominique Bauby and Sopravvivere coi lupi by Misha Defonseca, and the series 'Corsi di sopravvivenza' that offers useful advice for moving in the most diverse fields of knowledge and of everyday life, from mathematics to the art of mingling.
In october 2005, following an agreement between the Mauri and Spagnol families, a new holding company named Gruppo editoriale Mauri Spagnol (GeMS) was founded and Casa Editrice Ponte alle Grazie became part of it. The shareholders of GeMS are Messaggerie Italiane, the Spagnol family and Andrea Micheli. Stefano Mauri and Luigi Spagnol have been appointed respectively President and CEO, and CEO of the company.